Creative SELF Activity: Happy Jar

Happy Jar Creative Self Activity

Grab A Jam Jar, Some Paper, A Pen, Craft Materials and Glue and create a jar to fill with Happy thoughts!

Please note change of time. This activity will now take place at 3 pm on Thursday 14 May 2020.

For Happy thoughts jar, people will need:

  • Any old jar, the bigger the better
  • little bits of paper (for those happy thoughts)
  • Scissors
  • Glue – PVA if poss (if you haven’t got glue then will definitely need string or even sellotape)
  • Newspapers/magazines/old books that they don’t mind destroying?! Anything we can use to decorate the jar (Tissue paper, shells, twigs, material, wire, pom poms, wool, ribbon…literally anything)

How to join the activity

The activity will take place via Zoom, which is online video software. There is more information on how to use zoom here.

To join the Zoom Meeting, click on the link below

If the link does not work then you can open the Zoom application on your phone, device, or computer and enter the following information:

  • Meeting ID: 860 3649 5996
  • Password: 013403