Free Essential Digital Skills Training Course

The Essential Digital Skills course, offered by SEK in partnership with CXK, is a three-day masterclass being delivered face-to-face, covering all aspects of how to use a computer. This will include word processing, IT problem solving, online safety and security, job searching, sending and replying to emails, online transactions, and support to ensure participants develop their all-round confidence in the use of IT.

There will be a follow-up session afterwards giving participants the opportunity to practice themselves then ask any questions they might have.

Laptops will be provided and the course is free.

Courses start in September and delivery will be in three locations: Ashford, Margate, and Folkestone. Participants can be any age, but must not be in work.

The next course being delivered in Folkestone will start on 16th November 2020.

Book your place by calling 01227 469971, or email

Download the flyer below for further information.