January 2021 Wellbeing Activities Calendar

Please click here to access South Kent Mind’s Activity Calendar for January 2021.

Coping with Life

We’d like to draw your attention to our Coping with Life courses: Understanding Anxiety, Healthy Sleep, Food & Mood and Goal Setting.

Creative Writing & Journaling

Additionally, we’ll be restarting a weekly Creative Writing and Journaling Group on Wednesdays, starting on Weds 13th January. This Group aims to reinforce the benefits of keeping a journal highlighted in all of the Coping with Life workshops. 

Relaxation Methods

We’ll also be continuing to deliver a weekly Relaxation Methods Group on Thursdays, starting 7th Jan. Week 1 will explore how creative pursuits can help us relax. We will practice some Mindful Doodling, listen to a beautiful piece of music and talk about how nature and the arts can support us during anxious times.

Art Group

Our weekly Art Group continues on Mondays throughout January. We’ll have more guest artist sessions for you to enjoy!

Healthy Eating Group

Healthy Eating continues on weekly on Fridays, starting 8th Jan. Share recipes, tips, ideas and more. If you cook up any healthy dishes, we’d love to see and share pictures of your creative cookery!

Mindfulness Course

5-week course starting Weds 5th Jan. Mindfulness can help you feel calm & less stressed. ⠀
What is Mindfulness? ⠀

Take a look at the calendar for all of these Groups and more! You can book by phone on 01303 250090 or by email on contact@southkentmind.org.uk