Mental Health Information Group (MHIG)

Acronym: Newsletter

One of the strongest professional needs that became apparent during Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 was for us to have a mechanism to communicate with each other across the many different organisations, charities, & individuals who work in Mental Health across our area; a Mental Health Information Group (MHIG) if you will.

From talking with all of our colleagues across the Mental Health (MH) sector it was clear that we all need to know who is doing what, where & when?

To this end, we at South Kent Mind (SKM) created a group within our mailing list for professionals working in and around mental health.

The idea is that we will compile a newsletter at an appropriate frequency (quarterly? monthly?) to keep everyone informed of activities, organisations working in our sector, and news about individuals should they be moving jobs, roles, or responsibilities.

For now, the working title of the newsletter is Acronym: It seemed an appropriate title for The MHIG newsletter by SKM for the MH pros working across the SKCCCG (and in some cases Canterbury & Coastal CCG and Thanet CCG). It’s getting worse than a teenage text message!

Sign up here for the newsletter and when you receive an email asking you to confirm your details make sure you tick the information group box on the signup form

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