Our Strategic Framework sets out, for the next five years, our Vision (what we want to see happen), our Mission (our part in achieving that vision), our Values (how we go about our work), and our Strategic Themes (what we will be focused on).

How we develop our strategy

We listen; we listen to the people we support, we listen to their circles of support, we listen to our team, we listen to experts, we work with all these people to co-create our strategy and our services.

We sought advice from NCVO, from our Mind Network, and from charities and organisations delivering best practice in their sectors.

We apply our localised approach, our lived experience, and our expert knowledge. We remain open to learning at all times.


Everyone with a mental health problem in our area has somewhere to turn for advice and support that is person-centred.


To improve the lives of people with mental health challenges in South Kent.

Our 5-year objective

To be one of the largest providers of mental health advice and support in South Kent, and to operate on a financially stable foundation.


The values that drive our vision, objective and strategy are as follows:


We deliver a wide range of high quality support focussed on individual needs through a person-centred approach.


We support people to build resilience to improve and sustain their wellbeing.


We build relationships with other organisations and people to co-create support and will develop new and secure revenue streams.


We listen and learn from the people we support, from the people we work with, and from experts in the field.


We do what’s required to meet present needs and aspirations without compromising the future.

Strategic Themes for 2020-2025

The themes which are the foundation of our objective for 2020-2025 are as follows:

Build Resilience

We will empower people towards resilience by raising awareness, educating, and providing early intervention opportunities aimed at preventing problems occurring or reoccurring wherever possible, or reducing their impact if they do.

Provide Relief

We’ll listen, give support and advice, provide comfort and relief through a wide range of services across South Kent and develop and grow our provision/services accordingly.

Aid Rehabilitation

We support people on their road to recovery so they can reintegrate with their communities and provide wider support with a long-term view of ensuring a positive, healthy, inclusive and productive environment.