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Testimonial - Sarah D

We are very proud of the success of South Kent Mind in ensuring that no person has to face a mental health challenge on their own. We are very proud of our team of staff and volunteers who tirelessly work to provide that support, advice, and care for the people with whom we work.

South Kent Mind is one of the leading charitable organisations working in mental health in Kent and is at the vanguard of developing co-created person-centred mental health support programmes that deliver sustainable, lasting change.

  • 32 years of supporting the people of South Kent
  • 75% of people report improved wellbeing
  • 98% found that South Kent Mind helped them to achieve a meaningful goal


Mind have been so supportive and are doing a brilliant job.

Sarah D, Folkestone

Social activities have become important to me.

Physical activity was once a big part of my life… mental health reduced this to almost nothing… having the opportunity to join various activities has changed my life around in an extremely positive way. Having the opportunity to be a member of Mind and attend various activities has quite literally changed my life.

Before this, I had no social life and minimal human interaction for over fifteen years due to depression and anxiety


If it wasn’t for South Kent Mind helping me to access these activities I would not be doing anything, I would have been too scared to do anything on my own

It’s great to be kept busy and have a structure to the week

South Kent Mind has helped me to cope with my anxiety by giving me a safe space to meet new people

I have become more aware of the ebb and flow of my depression


I always felt as though I was on the outside looking in, I feel that I have found somewhere I can fit in at last

Being with Mind makes me feel relaxed and accepted


I would not have been comfortable or confident joining any groups, classes or the gym if it hadn’t been for Mind supporting me

If it hadn’t been for Mind I would have been left struggling at home alone. I don’t have anyone to turn to so Mind has been an absolute lifeline

I am benefitting from the mutual support offered by others also experiencing mental health issues

Has given me the confidence to achieve things I didn’t think I would be able to do

I am gaining more strength


I feel so much happier

The social side has been extremely good as it has given me an understanding that I am not alone in my plight


South Kent Mind is very welcoming and always put me at ease. I look forward to returning the following week.

South Kent Mind is a major part and helps in my long term health process for a possible happy, healthy future

I can’t thank South Kent Mind enough for their support

I found it very useful! Had some real Ah-Ha! moments and have realised a lot at South Kent Mind which I hadn’t experienced anywhere else.

My first appointment at South Kent Mind was great. I felt welcomed and was listened to and supported to make decisions about my future. I did not feel so alone, that there were others with similar experiences. 

I have been able to achieve some of my short-term goals with help and support from South Kent Mind, and am working towards returning to work.

I went from being too anxious to talk to people and go out – to being more confident and happy. With South Kent Mind’s support, I now go out on my own and talk to new people.

MindfulNet Remote Services

I found the Mind Zoom meetings to be greatly beneficial to those that attend on a weekly basis and it lets us do a lot more things, with almost daily themes during the lockdown. 

I feel that this lets the Mind Organisation know how successful Mind is on Zoom and that we have developed greater confidence and don’t feel lonely or forgotten about and that our talents can thrive and grow.


Suicide Prevention

I found the suicide prevention service to be the most helpful I have received in a very long time. The Listeners I saw were extremely good and I felt heard.

She was a different person

Family member
Care with a share