Clocking A Million Challenge

Can You Make a Million?

South Kent Mind are inviting you, your family, friends, school, club or business to get involved in our Clocking A Million challenge. By the end of 2021, the aim of the challenge is to clock at least a million metres for South Kent Mind.

Home to almost a quarter of a million people, South Kent spans the 37-mile coastline from Dungeness to Deal and covers over 250 square miles.

Achieved together or alone, on land or water, your million metres will help raise awareness and funds so nobody in South Kent faces mental health problems alone. However you choose to go the distance, we are positive our challenge will create purpose and be a welcome distraction.

If it sounds like the perfect challenge for you, please follow these 3 simple rules.

Stay COVID Safe

Alone or in company, it is imperative that every metre clocked up respects the Government guidelines on exercise and social distancing. When these guidelines relax, and days get longer and warmer, the distances clocked can be greater, more frequent and inclusive.

Do It Yourself

Every metre clocked must be a self-propelled metre. Walking, running, swimming outdoors (and indoors when it is safe) all count. Similarly cycling, non-electric scooting, skating or dog-walking are allowed. Just forget charging up the electric scooter, jumping in the car or revving up the motorbike.

Clock It

With a smartphone, your challenge can be pinpoint accurate. Your phone’s health app records every metre you take each day. Here’s a 2 minute overview video from Apple on their app.

Check your metres on your health app now and you may be surprised by how much of the challenge you’ve already completed. Need more data? Justgiving (and Virgin Money Giving) are now Strava compatible so you can download the app and clock metres automatically to your fundraising page.


There is no cost to enter or penalty for not completing this challenge. It is not a competition; although you can compete with family, friends, colleagues, clubs and businesses. There are no awards, just the satisfaction from getting healthier and helping others. There are no affiliated events but if you do an organised event those metres can go towards your total. If a million metres isn’t enough, up the millions and make it challenging for you.


Make your ‘Clocking A Million’ challenge official by ‘registering’ your South Kent Mind fundraising page online. To make things super easy we have set up a campaign on JustGiving that will take you directly to a purpose built fundraising page for the Clocking a Million Challenge. Feel free to edit this page or keep it as it is.

If you want more information on fundraising online use our get fundraising online guide.

Make It Local

If you don’t use our template, remember to include ‘Clocking a Million’ in the title of your fundraising page, set a fundraising target and add a cover picture taken in South Kent. We really want our beautiful districts and residents at the heart of our challenge.

Shares and Updates

Share your page on social media and email it to encourage others to join in and donate. As the challenge continues, keep your page current by posting and sharing updates. We recommend definitely posting one at the end of each month so you can log your metre total and calculate the metres left.


While you can go solo, we recommend using the teams option on Justgiving (and Virgin Money Giving) to really help bring the South Kent community together.

From your own page you can create a Team that you, and up to 70 others, can join. It might be a team page for your family or friends. Maybe a means for teachers or pupils to champion their school, Sports Clubs to rally their squads or for Businesses to boost their visibility and motivate staff.

Whatever the rationale, the benefit of a cumulative total will be a shared achievement for everyone in the team as they reach their million.

Over to You

However you choose to clock up your million metres is down to you but the ideas and options are endless! Make sure you inspire others by using #clockingamillion when you post your challenge updates on social media and let us know how you are getting on.

You have a magnificent story to tell and we want to be there for you at the start, middle and finish.

If you have any queries, comments or feedback don’t hesitate to contact us.

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