Fundraising Online

Make A Difference

We salute your kindness and want to ensure your achievements are recognised and rewarded by taking your fundraising online.

Before the pandemic, raising funds might have involved an old-fashioned sponsorship form followed up with face-to-face collections but this is no longer possible. Thankfully, online platforms help you raise funds easily and reach a far wider audience of potential supporters.

They all work similarly. You create a page with a unique web address, and a space to customise and share with potential supporters. Online donations can be made from a smartphone, tablet or PC. All online donors will be able to opt to add gift aid which will add an extra 25p to every £1 donation made.

So which page to choose?

We encourage fundraisers to set up their page on Total Giving, JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving. Which one to use will depend on the challenge and story you want your page to tell. Here is a bit more information on each to help you decide.


With a TotalGiving page 100% of all donations go straight to South Kent Mind so every penny you raise online will go to us.

As a fundraising page it does the basics. You can create a title for your page and specify whether you are fundraising for a campaign or appeal or taking part in an event. You will also be able to create a unique web address and add a message about you on your page and one for supporters once they have donated.

You will be limited to a single cover photo, a simple story (that you can update), a totaliser and target (you can adjust) and a donation button. You can also share your page on Facebook or Twitter.

If you are a novice online fundraiser this could be perfect for you and an ideal way to create an anniversary, celebration or in memoriam fundraising page.


JustGiving is the most popular fundraising platform in the UK and helped raise over £700 million since it launched. A page is easy to set up and you will have access to a wealth of resources and support and benefit from a trusted brand that helped Sir Tom Moore raise almost £33 million pounds for the NHS in 2020.

It does everything TotalGiving does but has additional elements to help your page and challenge stay current. You can add multiple photos to create a gallery of images and post updates to your fundraising page, that can be shared manually or automatically to supporters who have opted in. You can also connect data from the fitness app Strava that will automatically update your page. No Strava?. No problem! You can also update your activity data manually if you wish to.

On JustGiving you can also create Team Pages that up to 70 individual fundraising pages can sit beneath. This means you can have a school team that links up year, form, teacher or pupil pages. Or a club team that links up member pages. Or a business team that connects staff pages. In isolated and uncertain times, team pages are a great opportunity to create robust communities with shared purpose.

Like Virgin Money Giving, this platform takes a small commission from each donation made and charges charities a fee to use the platform.

A perfect starting point for individuals, with challenges in mind, and flexible enough to evolve along the way.

Virgin Money Giving

A relative newcomer, Virgin Money Giving have rapidly established themselves as Justgiving’s main competition. Part of Richard Branson’s global empire, Virgin Money are best known as the official sponsor of the London Marathon, one of the largest fundraising events in the World.

Their page shares all the same functionality of JustGiving except there are no limits to the number of pages that can join a team.

The fee structure is also slightly different to Justgiving.

Another perfect starting point for individuals, with challenges in mind, and flexible enough to evolve along the way.

Whatever fundraising page you choose, once it is published two things will happen. You will have created a link that you can copy and share across your preferred social media channels (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram) or email and we will receive a notification that you are fundraising for us.

That is our opportunity to ensure your unique fundraising journey has a memorable start, unforgettable middle and triumphant finish.

What have we missed?

Technology is evolving at such a frantic pace it is easy to miss fantastic new fundraising opportunities. And this is where you can help us. If you have used a different fundraising platform to great effect, please get in contact to tell us more. If it adds up for us and our fundraisers, we will update this page with your new suggestion and credit you in the process.

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