Fundraising on Facebook

Dates Matter 

Whether it is your birthday, anniversary, engagement, a celebration or a day of reflection, some dates in the calendar are just too big to ignore.  It is natural to want to mark the occasion where family and friends can also feel involved.

With more than a billion daily active users,  Facebook has made this easy through “Fundraisers” and the “Donate Button.”


To successfully raise funds online you need 4 components:

  • An ask that is timely, specific, and compelling i.e.  It’s my birthday!
  • Visuals —An eye-catching video or picture that tells a story and inspires action
  • An effortlessly easy-to-use fundraising platform
  • An easy way for donors to ask their peers for donations

Fundraisers on Facebook will do all of this in one central location.

South Kent Mind supporters can set up a dedicated page to raise money from their friends right on Facebook.  When FB users “join” a Fundraiser on Facebook, they can keep up with the progress of a fundraiser and get updates.

When donors provide their credit card information, they can make a gift on the Fundraiser page, and then spread the word to their Facebook friends with one tap.

Shared posts on Facebook also feature a Donate button linking back to your fundraiser, multiplying its reach and bringing in more donors.

Fundraisers on FB are designed to work seamlessly with the Facebook Donate Button.

Facebook Donate Button

FB users can make a donation to South Kent Mind without ever leaving Facebook. And the button appears on your supporters’ peer-to-peer pages as they fundraise for you.

Once users link their credit card to their FB account, it only takes a few taps to make a secure donation the next time.

No Fees for South Kent Mind

When someone donates through the donate button, using their credit card, Facebook will be listed on that donor’s credit card statement.

FB charges no fees for processing the donation so South Kent Receives 100% of each donation.

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