Picture this.  Your painting hanging on someone else’s wall!  

Another picture.  Your home displaying someone’s artwork! 

And then the bigger picture.  People selling and buying art so everyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support.

At South Kent Mind, we have an online gallery in mind.  One where art can be:

  • Exhibited for free.
  • Sold and bought using safe and secure payment methods.
  • Delivered quickly and efficiently.

A gallery where the artist chooses what commission will benefit South Kent Mind on every item sold.  It could be 10% or 100%.  The seller chooses.  But everyone benefits.

Here is how it works.


Whether you are an established professional or an amateur enthusiast, now is a great time to make space in your studio or home.  Sell your art, make money, bring colour to others’ interiors and make a difference with your donation from each sale. 

Visit our eBay Charity Shop and list the artwork you intend to sell by clicking on the button below. 

Give as much detail as possible on the item you are selling so the buyer has all the information they need. 

  • Does it have a title?
  • What medium was used to create it?
  • Is it an original or a print? 
  • Are you the artist or are you selling it on someone’s behalf? 
  • Is the work signed?  
  • Has it been stored well and in good condition? 

Include dimensions too, framed or unframed. Most importantly make sure you feature at least 1, but up to 10, good quality images for each listing.

You can also choose whether you wish to list the item at a fixed ‘Buy It Now’ price or as an auction item with a minimum reserve price.  Auctions can run between 1-10 days. 

There is also the option to list it in an auction or at a buy it now price but the buy it now price must be 30% higher than the auction starting price.

Once you have created an eBay listing you are happy with look for “Donate a portion to charity”.  Add your charity and pick your donation percentage (anything from 10 – 100%) before finalising the listing.

Sell and ship to your customer in robust packaging so it can be received undamaged. No additional steps or paperwork are required.

After the buyer has paid, PayPal Giving Fund will automatically send the donation to your selected charity and send you a donation receipt. eBay will also credit you an equal percentage of your fees.

If you need any additional help with selling you can get more information from eBay who have produced a useful guide here. 


The pandemic has forced us to spend much more time indoors.  As restrictions are lifted and life returns to normal, we may wish to seek simple ways to improve are homes or work spaces.  It might be the addition of a painting to hang in a living room, or a print in an office or a sculpture in the hall or reception. 

Whatever you seek, we guarantee that at least 10% of the sale from every item in our online gallery gets donated to South Kent Mind. 

You can treat yourself, support a local artist, spruce your home and help ensure no one with mental health issues faces the challenge alone.

Visit our shop by clicking on the button below.

Peruse the artwork on display and once you have found the piece that catches your eye and in budget, purchase on eBay as normal.  The transaction will complete and the seller will then deliver your purchase and South Kent Mind will receive the agreed donation.

If you’re not sure how much is being donated to South Kent Mind, scroll down to item details and under Charity it will tell you both the percentage of the donation and name of the charity.


Our eBay Charity Shop is not just for selling and buying art.  You can also sell and buy non-art items.  Find out more details here.

Don’t hold back.  Whether it is a clear out or a shopping spree, we’re glad to have you onboard.