Clubs & Societies

Club Together

Whatever your organisation, connecting with members during these challenging times could make a big difference to you and them. That’s where South Kent Mind can help. Make us your nominated Charity of the Year, Month, Week or even Day and help ‘give back’ to the community. Reach a wider audience, showcasing the skills, talents and passions you nurture and help us make things better.

Bang the Drum

Whether it is using your website, newsletter, social media channels, WhatsApp groups or noticeboards, the ongoing improvement of Mental Health services in South Kent relies on South Kent Mind staying visible to those who need our help or can help us. Get in contact and we can turnaround bespoke digital graphics or printable display posters to help raise our profile and get your members engaged.

Bring the Challenge Home

Confined to our homes with limited social interaction, we are keen to work with you on safe and socially distanced fundraising challenges and events. These will raise awareness for you and us and bring like-minded people together, of all ages, with achievable targets, healthy competition and distracting fun. Challenges that can completed at home but shared online. Whether it’s using a ball, bat, racket, brush, camera or dance shoes, it’s your opportunity to channel passions and bring big personalities, images and video to the fore.

Tell Your Story

As a member there will have been key moments captured on film. Now‘s the time to go through the archives and use the image gallery’s on either your Justgiving or Virgin Money Giving fundraising page to remind everyone of the journey they are on. If you’re a team that plays in a particular kit, create a real sense of identity of the team in kit, even if it’s taken off the pitch. It could also be an opportunity for members to showcase their loved ones who may rarely attend training sessions or get togethers.

Alone But Together

Don’t forget to use team pages on either JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving. This means individual members can set up fundraising pages that sit under a single team page that represents your organisation. That way members can choose to participate in single challenges or do their own separate thing but their fundraising will get totalised on the team page. It also means that, as an organisation, you can share a single URL for the team page across your own networks and every member who is linked to it will benefit when potential donors click through.

Live for the Moment

Go live and bring your supporters with you. Pages like Justgiving and Virgin Money Giving allow you to create a live stream so you can raise funds in real time. This means you can participate in something you have a passion for, whether it’s an endurance event, painting challenge or just a quiz. This brings your endeavours to life in an immediate, unique and memorable way.

Read more about live streaming on justgiving here or on Virgin Money Giving here.

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