A Family Affair

Young or old, together or apart, absent or gone, there is no escaping the importance of family. Interactions, however big or small, help make us who we are. They give us purpose and motivation. After an extraordinary year, relationships may be tested so some welcome distraction may fix things A chance to make an impact as a family. Get yourselves on the map, make a difference to your community and create stronger bonds and golden memories in the process.

Never Too Young

If you have children, make them a part of your fundraising, or become a part of theirs. Get involved in activities that will occupy and help. Tap into their imagination and give them free license to create unique materials and content that will create stand out for shared initiatives. Whatever the challenge or event, use your fundraising page to tell a story and make milestones for them too.

Never Too Old

Older members of your family might not be able to compete in many challenges or events, although they may surprise you, but they will take enormous pleasure supporting someone in their family who is. Take the time to involve them with updates they can easily access. They could be your greatest ambassador and garner support from unexpected and welcome sources like clubs, societies and networks.

Never Too Distant

Fundraising can also be an opportunity to reach out to your extended family and give them an opportunity to show their support whether you are running a marathon or celebrating a birthday on Facebook. This can be especially fruitful if you are doing an event in memory of someone. You may discover strong relationships you never knew existed and the support may get you through challenging times.

Buying and Selling

Is it time for a clear-out? Why not have one that the whole family can be involved in and then sell your collective clutter online so everyone can help raise funds for your family cause. eBay and Ziffit are both platforms that encourage selling to raise funds for charity. It can get even easier than that though. If you shop online there are many platforms that will now donate a percentage of your spend to the charity of your choice. Whether it is birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, gifts or insurance you can spend and raise funds for charity at no cost to you.

Where There’s A Will

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the detail of everyday living you can sometimes put off the big things that make a huge difference to those you love. One of these things is having a Will that reflects your current circumstances. If you are 55 or over, you can get a simple will written or amended for free during our annual Free Wills Month, each March. An up to date Will, written by a solicitor, ensures that your wishes are respected and can avoid difficult decisions and legal complications for your loved ones. It is also an opportunity to leave a gift to South Kent Mind to help provide services within South Kent to people facing a mental health problem.

Tell A Story

Get smart with technology and create an engaging and collaborative fundraiser that tells your story visually, from a family perspective. You may be going it alone or together but the non-participating members of your family can still take an active role in making your journey a success. For example, your partner may be able to share your fundraiser with their work colleagues and become your official photographer. Your older children may be able to have a clear out and raise funds for your page or create playlists for your training sessions. Your parents might even be able to do the same with a little assistance.

Bring all the threads together and your fundraising will be a triumph on so many different levels.

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