Top Class Fundraising

Despite the return to school, maintaining a sense of belonging, keeping motivated and staying relaxed, remain challenges, whatever the age.

Support South Kent Mind, providing mental health care services for local people, young and old, and we will work with you on top class fundraising initiatives, like the Clocking a Million challenge, creating achievable goals where everyone benefits.

Put Your School on The Map

Whether it is supporting South Kent Mind as your charity of the year, month, week or even day, do not delay and register your school so you can get listed on our South Kent Superstars wall of fame. We want pupils and staff at every school, across the Folkestone and Hythe and Dover districts, involved in collectively making a big difference.

Everyone Counts

Once registered, we will send you bespoke graphics, for use on your school’s website, newsletter and fundraising page. Remember, set your school a target. Why not use the total number of pupils and staff at your school multiplied by £0.50. You can then calculate and relay the amount raised per person, so everyone counts, whatever your school size. Exceed your target? Why not set a new challenge and increase the multiplier to £1, £2, £5 or even £10.

Tell a Story

However you fundraise, take the time to tell a compelling story that showcases your achievements. Generate plenty of visual content that will entertain and encourage family, friends, clubs or businesses to join in. The remote bake-off disaster might not win prizes but it could be relatable and inspire others to get involved. It will also encourage sharing and help attract new supporters.

Make A Statement

As well as learning the importance of giving and making a difference, your collective fundraising activity will help everyone shine, rewarding older students with a competitive edge, whether it be an apprenticeship, higher education or their first job. Create superstars who can illuminate your school’s values and inspire others to get involved.

Innovate and Collaborate

Remote schooling may be challenging but it is also a fantastic time to be innovative and find fun and easy ways to get everyone involved in beating a fundraising target. With or without parental help, think of ways to use the many friendships, homes, gardens, great outdoors and wider community to discover shared passions and raise funds collaboratively but safely. Think of where the school is based, the local history and colourful characters and, with the expertise of your pupils, make these a fundraising focus.

Care with a share