It Starts With You

Thank you for your support and making a difference during challenging times. Champion our local charity and get the personal satisfaction of helping people in South Kent with mental health challenges; ensuring they have somewhere to turn for advice and support.

It’s a People Thing

If you are on our website, you will quickly discover the support and services we offer to almost a quarter of a million people living across the 250 square miles that make up Folkestone and Hythe and Dover districts. You may already use our support or services, know someone who is or just care about the wellbeing of others.

A Quick Challenge

Time yourself and see how long it takes to like and follow our channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, then like, comment on and share a recent post on your preferred channel. In less than 10 minutes, you have already made a difference to family, friends and colleagues who may need help or would like to help.

Easy Fundraising

We cherish the many retailers operating across the Folkestone and Hythe and Dover districts but there is an opportunity to get smarter with your online shopping. You can effortlessly fundraise and it won’t cost you a penny. Whether it is Amazon, or shopping sites, like easyfundraising, use charity schemes. Simply register, select us as your charity and they will donate a percentage of the price of all your purchases, at no cost to you.

Declutter and Donate

With more time at home, it is a perfect opportunity to create space by having a good clear out, sell items online and donate that way. For example, use the eBay Charity Search to find South Kent Mind, then look for “Donate a portion to charity” when you list your item and pick your donation percentage before finalising the listing. Once sold we will receive the donation and you will get a donation receipt. eBay will also credit you an equal percentage of your fees.

Our Platform, Your Passion

Whatever your talent or expertise, use our incredible platform to help us create better content that will engage with a wider audience, make a difference to your community and reward you with an incredible sense of satisfaction. Whether you are an artist, musician, TikTok influencer, stand-up comedian, star baker, film buff or avid dog walker, we challenge you to miss out on an amazing opportunity to get involved and shine.

Make Your Mark

Do something unforgettable and start your own unique ‘journey’ and set up a Facebook Fundraiser or fundraising page online that will tell your story, set your target, help you receive donations quickly and efficiently and promote South Kent Mind.

It might be a challenge, an event or a project. It could be a bit of fun or a life changing experience. It might start as a solo affair but could end up connecting you with the hundreds of people whether they are family, friends, colleagues or kind strangers.

Care with a share