Sponsored Events

Competing in a sponsored event is a fantastic way to help raise funds for South Kent Mind. If you are looking to participate in a marathon, half-marathon, triathlon, 10k, 5k, bungee jump, parachute jump, or any other incredible feat of athleticism, then please consider fundraising for us at the same time.

We have branded t-shirts that we can supply you along with a Sponsorship Form on which to gather the information of all the friends, family, and supporters who are generously donating to South Kent Mind because of the great work you are doing.

To create your online fundraising page – click on the button below. This will take you to our Total Giving page. They are a company that helps us fundraise and doesn’t take any fees from us for doing so. Follow the on-page instructions for how to create your page.

Other Fundraising Events

The Folkestone Channel Rotary Club

The Folkestone Channel Rotary Club has chosen South Kent Mind as recipient to funds raised via their eleventh Annual Marsh Cycle Challenge. They have donated over £20,000 to charity and good causes in the past 12 months and work extremely hard to organise events such as this. Thanks to the Club for choosing to support South Kent Mind on this occasion. More information and entry forms are available here.

Daniel’s London Marathon Fundraiser

Daniel is taking on the tough challenge of running the 2020 London Marathon and has pledged to fundraise for his local Mind; South Kent Mind. Please support Daniel in fundraising for South Kent Mind via his fundraising page. Click Here.

We look forward to following Daniel on his training journey and aim to post regular updates on his progress. See News for further info and updates.

Daniel in training

Help Ricky Reach His Target

Thanks to Ricky, another London Marathon entrant, who has chosen to support South Kent Mind. Please help Ricky reach his target by donating to his fundraising page here.