Guide to using Zoom

Guide to using zoom

We deliver wellbeing services remotely via telephone, email, and via video calls. The software we use for video calls is called Zoom.

This page explains how to access our Zoom sessions and there are some worksheets attached below for specific devices.

How to access remote activity sessions with South Kent Mind

  1. Check out our wellbeing activities calendar to find a session you would like to attend
  2. Call or email South Kent Mind on 01303 250090 or to register for a group
  3. We will email you an invitation to join the activity session
  4. Click on the link in the invitation and it will connect you via the device you are using. You do not need to register or login with Zoom to access the service.

If you already have a Zoom app installed on your phone or computer or if the invitation link doesn’t seem to work then you can also join simply by typing in the meeting ID number and the password. These should both be found on the invitation we send you.

If you have any problems, please call us on 01303 250090 during our office hours.

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